Sgt Crucials Training Academy & Recovery Agency specializes in teaching citizens how to become professionally trained agents, investigators, and security specialist. We are an organization united with ex military, federal law enforcement, off duty police officers, security guards, and also private citizens. The training academy teaches the safest an also legal ways to apprehend fugitives, conduct surveillance, and make it home safely. If this is what you're searching for then you  are in the right place. Their is a great difference between the police and what they do compared to what investigations consist of as well as recovery agents. A recovery agent and or investigator is NOT the police. If you want to be the police I suggest that you apply to the department that interest you the most.


Investigators: Are people who gather information for cases or find clues to cases that need to be further investigated "after" the police have already investigated the crime. For example if their is a workman compensation case, traffic accident, marriage or divorce. Marriages usually consist of rather or not one or both parties are being occused of cheating. Custodial battles consists of gathering information to see if the parent or parents are fit to raise children in a safe enviornment. The main thing is being able to gather information as quickly as possible without being noticed.

Recovery Agents: Recovery Agents are usually sent to find those people who have bail bond warrants / bench warrants for united states court and have not appeared in front of the judge when they're supposed to. When this happens the bond is in forfeiture and their rights are given up. This is the  most dangerous job in my oppinon because people will do anything to avoid being caught. Especially depending on the nature of the crime that was commited.


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Email: [email protected]